Jan 13

Day 21: Christchurch minus any earthquakes

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We stayed with Lesley’s friend Carol in Woolston  for three nights, so no more motel reviews on this trip.

Much of the city centre shows evidence of the recent earthquakes that began on 6 September. The Cathedral was only slightly damaged and its cross was taken down for repairs following the smaller quake on Boxing Day 2010. Some buildings have been demolished and removed, while others are cordoned off and remain inaccessible.


Earthquake damage

Earthquake damage in Cathedral Square


Christchurch Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral without its cross.

The Wizard wasn’t visible (he is getting on and makes fewer appearances these days) and we didn’t climb the cathedral as it is no longer the tallest building in the city and the view isn’t all that great.


Ferrymead Heritage Park has a lot of old technology on display, but it was practically deserted on this weekday, probably because the steam trains and trams were not working.


Old tram

Old Brighton tram at Ferrymead Heritage Park

Christchurch Gondola

You might not know that Christchurch has a gondola that takes you much higher than the one in Queenstown. You are transported to the peak of Mt Cavendish, which is 500m above sea level. The hardy folks can hike up to it or from it. There is a short and rather unspectacular Time Tunnel ride at the top but it’s included in the cost, so you could say this is another bonus that you can’t get in Queenstown.


View from the Christchurch gondola

View from the Christchurch gondola



Lyttelton from Mt Cavendish


Brighton Spit

Brighton Spit and Pegasus Bay from Mt Cavendish

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