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Day 3: Data setting for Telecom NZ prepaid SIM

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We bought two prepaid SIMs from the Telecom NZ shop in the Sylvia Park shopping centre. They cost NZ$30 each. We also bought an additional NZ$20 prepaid voucher.

Owing to some Christmas promotion, the $30 SIM came with 240 MB worth of data, twice the usual amount.

Network settings

Settings > General > Network

Turn on 3G and Cellular Data.


iPhone network settings

Settings > General > Network

You have one more setting to make:

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

For the APN value, enter:
Cellular data setting

APN setting

After entering this value you may need to turn the Cellular Data off and then back on. You are now good to go.

Register Online

We got the two iPhones to dial each other, which is the first step one has to take to register online. Four days later you can register at:

This unlocks an additional $10 credit.

I didn’t wait four days but waited about 7 hours. I used the link at the bottom of the page above to register. The confirmation page reads:

Thank you for completing our online prepaid registration form.

Your $10 recharge number will be text messaged to your mobile in the next 30 minutes. When you receive it simply call us on 0800 32 32 32 and follow the prompts to claim your free $10 credit.

If you do not receive a text message containing your recharge number in the next 30 minutes, please contact us on 0800 32 32 32.

I received a text almost immediately. The voucher number has a clickable link, but the iPhone thinks it is a phone number. Don’t bother clicking it, else you will get an error message. Call *333 (or the 0800 number), listen to the message, select 1; listen to the next prompt, select 1 (for voucher) and follow the instructions.

You might get confused because the recording is asking you to enter your “prepaid card number followed by the hash key”. This is where you enter the voucher number sent by SMS, not your phone number. The new balance is then read out to you.

My credit (after making some test calls and data calls (apps) stands at $43.11 (the second phone is at $43.35). That’s because the $20 top-up we bought added $5 credit, i.e. a total of $10+$20+$5+$10=$45. The phones will be used mainly for data, so let’s see how long the credit lasts.

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2 Responses to “Day 3: Data setting for Telecom NZ prepaid SIM”

  1. From nz:

    A followup – Ash’s phone still has $23 credit after five days use including updating most of the posts here between 27-30 December and one call to Australia.

    Posted on 31/12/2010 at 9:17 pm #
  2. From michelle craib:

    tried to claim free credit $10 but it wouldnt let me

    Posted on 27/09/2011 at 5:34 pm #